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I Deleted Shrooms Ep2

2007-07-17 21:18:08 by Senri

Well I've been wanting to do it for a long time. I really hated it, and there was something in it that I truly hated. So I finally pressed remove...then ok.... then ok BAM ZING POW it's gone.


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2007-07-18 15:13:08

I like it as well :(
Oh well.


2007-07-19 01:14:29

How dare you comment on your own news thingy

Senri responds:

MrLuckDuck isn't an alt of mine....


2007-07-28 00:20:33

I actually don't remember why I said that. I think I may have thought I was looking at his page :\


2007-08-13 02:00:49

Penis. =D