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Posted by Senri - December 11th, 2008

<random crap that is somewhat interesting, but you don't really give two shits about it></crap>

Posted by Senri - May 18th, 2008

Well, I just got back from Acen, it was a lot of fun. Strange, but fun. I'm not that much of an anime fan even.
Anyway so I get there and out of 6 people, I'm the only one without a preordered ticket. So I stand in line for a total of 4.5 hours just to get my fucking ticket. Anyway there was this one cute girl dressed like Zelda that I was next to, so it wasn't all bad.
So I go in and I meet up with my friend. She takes me to the rest of our group and then me and two of my friends split off to buy shit. After looking through the whips, yuri, and anime, I eventually end up buying a HUGE Fight Club poster [so animeish amirite?] and the original .Hack//Sign series on DVD.
So by then I was broke and we hung out and took pictures of cosplayers as I followed and looked at the outfits that were being worn by the slutty chars from games and animes.
Overall it was fun. And I met some guy from NG there. I can't remember your name if you're reading this. So if you are link me to your Christmas thing. I want to hear it.
: I may post more tomarrow, ATM I'm very tired...

Posted by Senri - April 19th, 2008

You guys like?

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Posted by Senri - March 5th, 2008

Anyone up for one?

Remember, remember the fifth of November,
The gunpowder, treason and plot,
I know of no reason
Why gunpowder treason
Should ever be forgot.


Posted by Senri - January 5th, 2008

They're so fucking cool!


Posted by Senri - December 31st, 2007

I just listened to his entire discography straight through.
I luff his music.

Gogol Bordello

Posted by Senri - December 4th, 2007

What's up?

Posted by Senri - November 24th, 2007

Well I realised I don't go to my UP anymore. I used to. It was like a special home. BUT NOT NO MORE.


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Posted by Senri - November 7th, 2007

I saw the rig. It was huge. We all stopped rowing and stared for a minute or two. Atarah and I then went to start rowing again. Mr.Anderson was halfway out of the boat reaching for the ladder at the bottom of the rig. He grabbed it and pulled us to the side. Atarah handed Mr.Anderson the rope and he tied the dingy to the stairs. We all started climbing up. The first level of the oil rig was high up. Must have been at least 600 feet. We literally had to stop every now and then to rest. We reached the top and climbed over. Standing on the helicopter pad. To the left we could see four boats that could be lowered into the water. In front of us a few hundred feet was the building. And to our right was a bunch of pipes curving in and out of the ground connecting what ever was beneth us to the main building. And right next to us was a small shed.
"We should bring the stuff up here. But how can we carry all the bags up the ladder?" Mr.Anderson said. "Hmm... I know. Me and Mr.A will go into a boat on the side here and you can lower us." Atarah said as we all walked over to the boats. "Yeah see Senri there's a pulll attatchment here that will make it seem like were not as heavy. We'll go down there load up the boat and come up here with it." Atarah said. "All right. Go get in." I responded. Atarh and Mr.Anderson walked up to the boat and pulled off a white sheet on top of it. The sheet had a bunch of stains in it. The two got in. "Ready?" I asked. "Yeah let er' go!" Mr.Anderson said.
I pulled back slowly on a rod that seemed to hold the boat in place. The boat started shooting down. I quickly pushed forward hoping to stop the boat. "What the hell?!" I hear Mr.Anderson say. I looked over the edge. They seemed to be about 70ft down. "Sorry!" I replied. I went back and nudge it forward a little more untill I could see them in the water.
Once I saw them in the water I waited for them to unhook the boat and steer it over twards our dingy about 50ft away from them. They started loading the bags to the other boat. It seemed to be taking a long time. Eventually they got it all loaded and eased their way back onto the metal thing that held the boat. I went to the pole thing that let them down. I was unure of how to use it. I tried pressing it forward further than it went automatically. The rope started pulling up. There was electricity! The rig still had electricity!
I was shocked. How could it still have it? But it doesn't matter. It does!
The two got up about 3 feet above ground level and the machine stopped. They through the bags off and then stepped out. "Guys we have electricity!" I said. "Really? Oh man is this great!" Atarah said.
"But look. We have to start exploring the rig. We don't know our way around and we should learn it quick." I said. "Your right. Here's a flashlight... another... and last one. Also Senri here's your bat." Mr.Anderson said. "Here's a metal pipe you can use Mr.Anderson. And Atarah there's another metal pipe you can use over there." I said. "Should we split up or be in groups?" Atarah said as he was walking over to get one of the metal pipes. "Hmm... I guess we should split up. We'll cover more ground." Mr.Anderson said.
"I agree with you Mr.Anderson. You guys get going. Meet here in half an hour. I've got to make a quick call to 36holla." I said. The two went off into the door and then split up in a hallway that I can't see past.
I took out my cell phone and started dialing. "Hello?" 36holla answered. "Is this Senri?"
"Yeah" I said
"Are you guys at the rig?"
"We just made it. Here. Mr.Anderson and Atarah are looking through it now."
"It's starting to get worse and worse here. The government has made a statement nationwide telling people to avoid going outside."
"Damn were going to need to get you quick."
"Look Senri. We've been gathering a ton of supplies and filling up a large houseboat full of supplies. We'll hopefully be there soon if things get to hellish around here."
"How'd you get a houseboat?"
"I'll tell you later, look just come back soon. Bye"
"Bye." I hung up the phone and started searching the exterior of the boat.

/---------Ill add more to it soon so this isn't the end of part 4!-----------\

Posted by Senri - August 21st, 2007

I'm uber bored.
Post here and I'll write your name on my stereo.
Ill upload pics probably tomarrow and PM you when it gets uploaded with your name.